The Home's Features Overview

Some home hunters may appreciate a "deeper dive" into what makes our homes unique.  Read on to learn more about the tech that makes this home special.  Its actually quite simple: a home is a key long-term investment.  The industry is changing quickly. Why sink your dollars into a "code built" home (a.k.a. the worst performing house one can legally build), when you could own a future-proof state of the art home instead?


You may be wondering why "solar ready?"  Its about flexibility and maximum ROI for you. 

The Envelope

The challenge: use as little energy as possible.  The answer: very good insulation and an air tight shell.  Really airtight. (Images shown below are excerpted from the Mass Save Deep Energy Retrofit Builder Guide)


A high-performance home like 27 Madison naturally requires high-performance equipment, but because the heating and cooling demands are dramatically lower than a "conventional" home.